Big Meat Eater

Presented by Lost Dominion Screening Collective

This kitschy cult-comedy/sci-fi/horror/musical plays like an Ed Wood film mixed with a punk rock musical. In the fictional small town of Burquitlam, B.C., local butcher Bob (Dawson) hires a mysterious hulking assistant, Abdulla the Turk (jazz musician Clarence ‘Big’ Miller), who loves butchering a bit too much. Meanwhile, a teenage genius (Andrew Gillies) from a family of Moldovan immigrants conducts strange experiments with a stolen car – and that’s just the vague outline of a plot that ranges from mildly bizarre to completely absurd. Oh, and yes, it’s a musical.

Poster for the 1982 cult comedy musical Big Meat EaterBig Meat Eater was shot in White Rock, B.C. on 16mm stock and was ‘blown up’ to 35mm for its Canada/U.K./U.S. release. Unfortunately, the American distributor lost the only 35mm internegative, but after years of obscurity, Library and Archives Canada embarked on a full digital restoration of the film, painstakingly recreating the director’s cut. The original 16mm film elements were scanned in 2K High Definition, and scenes were re-synched, colour-timed and edited in proper sequence with a digitally remixed soundtrack, exceeding the quality of the original release. There’s no better way to discover the magic, and the delightful horror, of the Big Meat Eater.

– Lost Dominion Screening Collective

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