Black Diamonds

(Diamantes Negros)

Part of the Festival of New Spanish Cinema, organized in conjunction with the Embassy of Spain and Pragda!

Fifteen-year-old Amadou and Moussa have a passion for soccer. In their free time from school and from work at the local market in Mali, the boys hone their skills and trade stories about their idols, African players who have become stars in Europe.

Poster art for Black DiamondsThey are spotted by a football scout and brought to Madrid, where the young stars are promised the moon. They then embark on a journey through Spain, Portugal and Northern Europe which will show them the shadowy world behind the beautiful game; a business which does not see them as two young kids, but as two ‘Black Diamonds’.

This fictionalized depiction of a scandalous (and illegal, according to FIFA rules) practice is made with sensitivity, humour and engaging performances by its two young leads.

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