Love Me Tender

Must-See Cinema! Elvis lives, 40 years after his death!

Elvis Presley wasn’t much of an actor. Not that it makes a lot of difference in Love Me Tender, with four songs and lotsa wriggling thrown in for good measure.

Poster for the original theatrical release of Love Me TenderPresley stars as Clint, the youngest of four brothers, who stays on their Texas farm while the other three are away fighting Yankees (it’s 1865). Older brother Vance (Richard Egan) leaves a gal (Debra Paget) behind and, when word comes that he’s been killed in battle, she weds Presley. But when all three boys come home to resume their civvy ways, it’s hard to keep Vance down on the farm because he’s still in love with Cathy, now his brother’s wife.

Egan is properly stoic as Vance while Paget looks pretty and wistful throughout. Mildred Dunnock gets sincerity into the part of mother of the brood. Nobody, however, seems to be having as much fun as Presley, especially when he’s singing the title song, plus ‘Poor Boy’, ‘We’re Gonna Move’ and ‘Let Me’. Tunes were written by Presley and Vera Matson.

– Variety

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