Newsreel Shorts by Associated Screen Co.

Title credit for one of the Newsreel Shorts by Associated Screen Co.Associated Screen was a major producer of informative shorts that played in cinemas of the ’30s, ’40s and ’50s, before television took over the news business. The Lost Dominion Collective has unearthed 8 fascinating examples for this compilation, including a 1933 film on Grey Owl, shorts on canines in the police force and on the sport of curling in the 1950s, a 1932 retrospective on events of the previous 10 years, and even a 1950s report on what jobs hockey players had to hold down during the off-season.

Newsreels include:
Grey Owl's Strange Guests, 1933
Headline News 1950
The Roaring Game (about curling), 1951
Canine Crime Busters (about police dogs), 1952
There too, Go I (about the Red Cross during WW2), 1941
Sitzmarks the Spot (about downhill skiing), 1948
Back in '22 (looking back 10 years at what happening in 1922), 1932
Hockey Star Summers (what Hockey stars do during the summer to supplement their incomes), 1950

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