Nominated for five Canadian Screen Awards

It’s the summer of 1976 in Nova Scotia when Kit (Dylan Authors) takes to the road with his radiant pal Alice (Julia Sarah Stone). Kit and Alice bum rides, walk, and hitchhike from Antigonish to the shore, where Kit hopes to escape his father (Allan Hawco) and move in with his mother Laura (Molly Parker), a hippy who regrets she ever moved out of Toronto.

Poster for Bruce MacDonald's road movie WeirdosA black and white road movie with hidden depths, Weirdos gleefully walks a line between the social norms director Bruce McDonald frequently shatters. Both Kit’s ‘imaginary friend’ Andy Warhol and Alice provide a supportive moral compass for Kit; Alice desires rebellion but is quick to pump the breaks in dangerous situations.

Deliberately paced, Weirdos offers up a kind and gentle Canadian tension between straight and gay, straight and hippy, and American and Canadian. The U.S. bicentennial dominates tvcoverage while Canadian content blasts on the radio, adding texture to Daniel MacIvor‘s character-driven script.

– John Fink, The Film Stage

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