The ByTowne Guide

The ByTowne Guide is our FREE 16-page printed tabloid that covers all of our movies for each two-month period. If you've been getting your ByTowne information from our web site alone, you're only seeing a part of the picture!

Over 200 friendly bookstores, music shops, restaurants, food stores and information centres all over the city carry the ByTowne Guide. It's got reviews of all the films we play, more photos, and some features you won't find on the web site. Plus, the detailed calendar pages in the middle can be pulled out and posted on your fridge door or bulletin board. We haven't figured out how to do that with the web site yet!

• To find out where to get a ByTowne Guide, e-mail us at and tell us where you live, shop or work. We'll point you to a convenient rack of ByTowne Guides at a location near you.

• ByTowne Members are entitled to have the Guide mailed to them, FREE. Just write us at and give us your Membership number, expiry date and complete mailing address. For more about Membership, see About The ByTowne.

• To browse the calendar page layouts exactly as they appear in the hard-copy ByTowne Guide, download the .pdf file of your choice below. Remember, though, these are pretty big .pdf files, and unless you have an 11x17 printer, they're not very easy to print. But they're perfect for an on-screen simulation of the ByTowne Guide "experience". (For a handy letter-sized calendar you can print at home, click here.)

• To advertise in the ByTowne Guide (our circulation is over 40,000 copies per issue), download our Rate Card and look us over. It includes sizes, prices, technical specifications and all our deadlines.


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