COVID-19 Update

Well, it's officially official that, despite our best efforts, and (in our humble opinion) excellent safety measures, Stage 2 (modified) is upon us, and we will be closed from Saturday, October 10 for at least 28 days. All screenings scheduled for October are cancelled.

As soon as we have news about re-opening, we will announce it via Cinem@il (subscribe via our homepage) and on our social media channels (linked above).

Keep distancing, keep wearing your masks, keep washing your hands, and stay safe, so that we can all meet at the movies soon!

How To Buy Tickets Online

Booking tickets in advance wasn't very important when the ByTowne offered 650 seats per screening, but COVID has restricted us to selling just 50 places per show. So we recommend that you visit our new purchasing site, especially for weekend screenings.

Buy tickets from VanessaOur new online ticket platform is pretty straightforward. If you reckon that you're ready, go ahead and

Book Tickets Now

...but if you'd like to learn a few tips & tricks first, please read on.

You Don't Have To Buy Online

If you live near the cinema, or if you're here for a movie, you can buy advance tickets from our box office. Any movie which has a published date & time is available to purchase in advance, and no service charges apply. But if that doesn't work for you, read on about online purchases: 

Visa & MasterCard Only

We can't accept debit online, and we've even run into some peculiar problems with "Visa Debit" and "MasterCard Debit" cards. If you need to use one of those hybrid cards, check for a confirmation e-mail. If you don't have one in 20 minutes, e-mail us at

Service Charges Apply

The people who provide the software for secure online transactions need to get paid for their work, and we don't have much wiggle room in our budget to absorb those costs. So, sorry, a charge of $1.25 will be added to each ticket purchased.

But We Offer Some Work-Arounds

We combined some items in our menu of tickets so that only one service charge would apply for some 'combos'. If you want to buy a Membership with your ticket, that's just one "item", so only $1.25 will be added. And couples can opt for the "Combo: 2 Member Tickets" package. Select "Qty: 1" of that package to buy two Member-priced tickets; only one service fee will be charged.

Ticket Validation

Online, we can't tell which customer is a Member and which one isn't. Go ahead and buy whichever ticket(s) you want, but once you get to the cinema, Members must show their cards to the usher when using a ticket purchased at Member price. (This reverses a long-standing ByTowne protocol: we used to ask to see Membership cards at the box office; now the usher will need to see them as you enter).

Voucher Holders: Read This!

Admit One Member VoucherIf you're one of the many people who -- thank you! -- sent us money in the pandemic to buy pre-paid Admit One Member Vouchers, you can guarantee your admission to our screenings by "buying" a $0.00 ticket in the online booking system. Look for the menu item called Voucher user reservation, select the quantity of the people in your party using vouchers, and verify that the total 'purchase' comes to $0.00. Keep going, and print your ticket.

Note that you can't buy any other item with that transaction. If you need additional tickets at normal prices, you'll have to do a second, separate purchase.

When you come to the movie, present your printout ticket to the usher, plus the Admit One Voucher and your Membership card. No need to go to the cashier.

Online Membership Purchase

If you buy a Membership + Memb. Ticket, or Senior Membership + Ticket online, your e-mail confirmation won't look quite right, but don't worry. It will show only the tickets portion of your purchase, but we've got a list of Membership sales that has your name on it. To pick up your Membership, come to our box office before going to the usher. Don't tuck away your Membership just yet, because you'll need it to show the usher when you hand over your ticket.

Note that most regular Members won't need to buy a new Membership just yet. Check your old Membership expiry, and add four months to the date: if your card expired in March, it will be good until the end of July; April expiries will be honoured until the end of August, and so on.


You can get a refund for any advance tickets up to and including the day before the screening.
To request a refund, or to switch your tickets to another day/time, e-mail us at Note that service charges can't be refunded.

Ready To Buy?

Fantastic! Click on the link below and follow your nose. Make sure you're choosing the correct date and time of the movie you want to see. If your purchase is successful, you'll get a confirmation e-mail within a few minutes. If you don't get one, or if at any point you need help, e-mail us at

Book Tickets Now

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