The lights will come on again!


The ByTowne is now closed. But there's good news!

After the pandemic has been brought under control,
new management will take over the space and the ByTowne will re-open.

It may take a while for pandemic restrictions to be eased enough
that a feasible number of patrons can be allowed to watch a movie again,
but the new owners are working towards that day.

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A Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood

Best Supporting Actor (Tom Hanks) nominee at the Screen Actors' Guild & Golden Globe Awards

A movie so sweet that I’m not sure we deserve it, A Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood celebrates the gentle legacy of children’s television host Fred Rogers. Inspired by a 1998 Esquire magazine article, it’s the story of how a depressed and mildly jerky New York writer named Lloyd (Matthew Rhys) became transformed by an unexpected friendship with Rogers (Tom Hanks), after Lloyd was assigned to profile him.

Poster for the Mister Rogers biopic A Beautiful Day In The NeighborhoodAt the centre of A Beautiful Day is a fascinating performance by Tom Hanks. What he is doing looks simple, but making this complicated but childlike man neither caricature nor saint is no easy trick. The art of acting is, sometimes, a series of tiny miracles, playing out on a face larger than life; the miracle here is that you believe him, joyfully and absolutely.

– Moira Macdonald, The Seattle Times

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