A Hard Day's Night

Part of the Music Seen film series! The greatest rock & roll comedy adventure!

UK poster art for A Hard Day's NightA Hard Day’s Night is the Citizen Kane of rock & roll movies and the template for the music video as an art form. And nearly 50 years later, it is still a definitive lesson in the rock & roll dream. But the film’s real magic lies in the exhilarating synergy between the screenplay, the direction and the subjects.

Alun Owen’s Oscar-nominated script provides the film’s uncanny rhythm; he spent days with the Beatles studying their language and personalities, and captured both so beautifully that one wonders how much of the group’s identity was actually his creation. Director Richard Lester was equally adept at capturing the chaos of the group’s life: The film’s then-unorthodox handheld camerawork, quick cutting and frantic pace convey the sensation of being hustled from one surreal scene to the next. A Hard Day’s Night is a towering achievement.

– Jem Aswad, Time Out New York

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