A Heavy Heart


Germany's contribution to our German Language Film Festival

Poster for the German drama A Heavy HeartFormer Eastern German boxing champ Herbert has had a tough life since the fall of the Berlin Wall. Now scratching out a living as a bouncer and debt collector, he tries to revive the past by coaching his young boxing protégé, Eddy. After a training session, Herbert suddenly collapses, but he ignores the signs.
When his physical deficiencies become more and more apparent, Herbert finally sees a specialist, who diagnoses him with a fatal neural disease. With little time left, Herbert reaches out to his estranged daughter Sandra, whom he abandoned when the family fell apart. Now a mother herself, Sandra is still deeply hurt and afraid of allowing her dying father to be a part of her life again.

Logo for German Language FFPart of the 2018 German Language Film Festival, which includes films from Germany, Austria and Switzerland.
For details of all three films in the series,
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