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All Is Lost

Never give up.

Poster art for All Is LostThere are survivalist tales, and then there’s J.C. Chandor’s rigorous, rugged story of a nameless seafaring man (Robert Redford) trying desperately to save himself as his boat slowly sinks. A floating shipping container knocks a hole in the cabin of our hero’s modest yacht; drastic countermeasures are taken, things fall apart, and a waterlogged existentialism sets in as this rugged seaman watches his chances dwindle to zero. (Imagine the middle section of Life of Pi as rewritten by Master and Commander’s Patrick O’Brian, and you’re halfway there.) Dedicated to authentically depicting nautical know-how (and nearly dialogueless), the director’s follow-up to Margin Call presents one of the most stunning man-versus-nature battles in recent memory – aided by Redford, who gives a career-best performance while barely saying a word.

– David Fear, Time Out New York

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