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All The Money In The World

2017 Oscar nominee – Best Supporting Actor

All The Money In The World tells the (mostly) true story of oilman John Paul Getty Sr. (Christopher Plummer, nominated for Best Supporting Actor), who in the early ’70s had become not only the richest man in the world but also the richest man in the history of the world. In 1973, Getty’s grandson John Paul Getty III (aka Paolo) was kidnapped and held to ransom for $17 million. But Getty flatly refused to pay a single dime.

Poster for the kidnap drama All The Money In The WorldWhat escalates in the movie is a battle between Getty Sr., his daughter-in-law Gail (played by Michelle Williams) and the former CIA operative who’s helping her (played by Mark Wahlberg). She’s broke but desperate to get her son back at any cost, while Getty refuses to negotiate with the kidnappers, insisting on setting a precedent and sending them the message that extortion won’t ever work.

– Rosie Fletcher, Digital Spy

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