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Deception is an art. Truth is a test. Is love a lie?

Poster for the wartime drama AlliedIn Allied, Marianne (Marion Cotillard) and Max (Brad Pitt) have never met. Yet as soon as they make eye contact at a restaurant, they embrace each other like longtime loves. And it’s 100% believable. Their unbridled passion drives this absorbing and satisfying period piece. Pitt plays an American intelligence officer in 1942 who must pretend to be married to Cotillard’s French operative during a mission in Casablanca.

At first, the relationship is all professional. But post-assignment, they settle down for real in London and have a daughter. Then a shocking discovery about Marianne threatens to tear them apart. What could have been the film version of a cheesy romance novel instead delivers as a sexy drama. When Pitt and Cotillard get it on for the first time in a car while a desert sandstorm rages outside, the screen singes with their heat. And even when the story drags a bit, their 1940s style offers sumptuous eye candy. Enjoy.

– Mara Reinstein, US Weekly

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