Anne At 13,000 Ft.

Part of the Stars of the Canadian Cinema Scene! Nominated for four Canadian Screen Awards!

Is it finally safe to say that Kazik Radwanski represents the future of Canadian cinema? I feel as if I’ve been repeating this talking point for the past five years, but with the filmmaker’s latest, Anne At 13,000 Ft., a renewed wave of confidence has struck: There is simply no one else today experimenting with form and character, and succeeding on both fronts, like Radwanski.

Anne At 13,000 Ft. follows the title character, a daycare worker with a shaky grasp on adult responsibilities, as she cycles through various stages of alienation and, occasionally, bliss. Radwanski, who filmed the drama over the course of two years, is an expert at scratching a character until she bleeds, but at least half the film’s success is owed to Deragh Campbell, who slips into Anne like a second skin. If there is justice in the Canadian film world – I know, I know – then Anne At 13,000 Ft. will be the film to launch both its director and star into the international stratosphere.

– Barry Hertz, The Globe And Mail

Part of the Stars Of Canadian Cinema series, which features six new Canadian films during the week of March 20 to 26.
For details of all six films in the series, download this pdf.

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