Fear what's Inside

Poster for the sci-fi mindbender AnnihilationThree years ago, something struck the coast of the southern U.S. and created a giant shimmery cloud. Military men went in and didn’t come back. Except one. Now, his biologist wife, Lena (Natalie Portman), joins a group of women scientists to enter the zone and maybe sort out what’s happening.

Things do not go well in The Shimmer. There are grave concerns of an ecological bent, and weird happenings take a toll on the women. The group splinters into individual battles: This isn’t a rah-rah quest to defeat some monster or invading force, so much as it is an exploration of various strategies to deal with the weirdness. The mystery gets less knowable the deeper Lena progresses into The Shimmer, and that’s clearly the point. It’s heady sci-fi horror, with plenty of analogies to ponder, and some truly gorgeous imagery.

– Al Hoff, Pittsburgh City Paper

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