Apocalypse Now (Redux)

Must-See Cinema: The complete director's cut!

 Apocalypse Now (Redux) posterIf the original Apocalypse Now was a narrow, swiftly flowing river that gradually closed in on the patrol boat carrying Captain Willard into the heart of darkness, Apocalypse Now Redux is a wide river of greater depth, more variable currents and some fascinating new ports of call. Declared by Francis Coppola to be the ‘definitive’ version of his Vietnam War epic, this amazing version adds 50 minutes of dramatic footage to the 1979 release, making for a weightier, more nuanced and fuller experience than the film the world has known up to now. Breathtaking at times and more gratifying with the additional bulk, Apocalypse Now Redux still retains its brilliance and its mysteries. A filmmaking display of daring and momentous fireworks.

– Todd McCarthy, Variety  

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