The ByTowne has closed, but has re-opened temporarily to present "The Best Of The ByTowne"
February 26 to March 7

For a schedule of films in the series, click here.

As at Sunday, February 28th, all shows are SOLD OUT.

Some returned tickets may become available; check this link.   Thank you, Ottawa!

Battleship Potemkin

Must-See Cinema! 2007 restoration with the original Meisel Orchestral Score!

Poster for the re-issue of the classic Battleship PotemkinThe crew members of a docked Russian battleship rebel against the cruel treatment by their officers. Although their mutiny is successful, their leader is killed, becoming a hero to the people of the coastal town and inspiring them to launch an uprising of their own.

Originally planned as a brief episode in an epic history of the 1905 Revolution, this silent classic from Sergei Eisenstein remains one of the most influential films ever made. A masterpiece of editing dexterity, it proved that symbolic imagery could have the same emotional and intellectual impact on an audience as a straightforward narrative. You don’t need a working knowledge of Russian history, Marxist dialectic, Japanese pictographs or the techniques of ‘montage’ to appreciate the power of the plate smashing that sparks the mutiny, the fog scene, the roaring lion and the legendary massacre on the Odessa Steps. Don’t be put off by its highbrow reputation; this is essential cinema.

– David Parkinson, The Radio Times

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