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Becoming Nobody

Everyone's busy being somebody

If you think becoming a ‘somebody’ in life is an uphill climb, it turns out that making oneself into a ‘nobody’ – that is, truly open and egoless – is a much harder road. Still, famed Boston-born spiritual teacher and truth-seeker Dr. Richard Alpert (aka Ram Dass) considers it the true path to personal freedom and enlightenment.

Poster for the documentary on Ram Dass, Becoming NobodyThat’s just one of many life lessons and wise assertions imparted by the former Harvard psychologist and much-published author in Becoming Nobody. In a series of interviews, Alpert, now 88, remains articulate, with his grace, humour and self-deprecating candour fully intact. The conversations, covering a range of topics including anger, love, soul and self, the “masks” we wear for others, and reconciling death as both a concept and an actual state, are complemented by clips from past lectures, newsreels and other pieces of archival imagery.

We learn about some of Alpert’s seminal life passages, including his psychedelic-drug-fueled 1960s-era exploration and friendship with Timothy Leary and his lengthy stay in India, where he studied under guru Neem Karoli Baba.

Becoming Nobody is an inspiring, stirringly meditative portrait of one man’s profound spiritual influence on a world that has surely needed him.

– Gary Goldstein, Los Angeles Times

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