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Big Eyes

Nominated for three 2014 Golden Globe Awards

After bailing out of her first marriage, Margaret Keane (Amy Adams) high-tails it to San Francisco, where she tries to make ends meet by paintin g kids’ portraits, which invariably depict the moppets with huge, round charcoal eyes. Not long after her arrival in the city, she is totally swept off her feet by the extravagantly charming, but minimally talented, artist Walter Keane (Christoph Waltz).

Poster art for Big EyesWhile promoting his own and his wife’s paintings, Walter initially admits the ‘little hobo kids’ portraits are Margaret’s work – until, that is, they start attracting a following, at which point he claims them as his own. His fast-talking salesmanship and gift for emotional manipulation quickly silence Margaret’s meek protests.

Ultimately, this deception and manipulation outlasts the Keanes’ decade-long marriage. Walter later sues Margaret when she states in an interview that she was ‘the only painter in the family’, resulting in a highly public, and occasionally ridiculous trial.

Adams’ first-rate performance illuminates both the reticent and creatively compulsive sides of Margaret’s personality, while Waltz’s exuberant side is given free rein to make Walter both winning and loathsome.

Tim Burton’s direction exudes an enjoyably eccentric appeal while also painting a troubling picture of male dominance and female submissiveness a half-century ago.

– Todd McCarthy, The Hollywood Reporter

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