Infiltrate hate.

Based on a true story, BlacKkKlansman follows the efforts of Ron Stallworth (John David Washington, son of Denzel), an African-American detective in the Colorado Springs police force. He infiltrated the Ku Klux Klan in the mid-1970s, passing as white over the phone, with fellow cop Flip Zimmerman (Adam Driver) serving as his white avatar at actual Klan meetings. Director Spike Lee seizes every opportunity in that startling setup to play with the notions of identity and belonging that have always fueled his work.

Poster for the newest Spike Lee joint, BlacKkKlansmanBlacKkKlansman is one of Lee’s more entertaining and vibrantly constructed works. It is a tonal roller coaster, and therein lies much of its unique power: it’s alternately comic, heroic, tragic, horrifying, ridiculous, dead serious, clear-eyed and confused. Lee is the rare director who can maintain the integrity and beauty of a film overstuffed with ideas.

  – Bilge Ebiri, The Village Voice

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