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Getting Straight As. Giving Zero Fs.

Booksmart is a four-star, feminist comedy and the kind of feel-good movie young women plan their sleepovers around.

Poster for the comedy of the year, BooksmartBest friends Amy and Molly have spent their high-school years cramming for SATs and planning for the successful futures that surely await them after graduation. When Molly finds out that some of the less studious kids also got into Ivy League schools, it blows a fuse in her carefully calibrated brain, and she convinces Amy to crash an epic party that promises the fun they’ve never had.

Although its premise is a time-tested formula, Booksmart feels totally original. Director Olivia Wilde’s smart choices and the bravery of her two leads make this the definitive teen comedy for whip-smart feminists, and a love letter for any young woman who has ever stayed home on a Friday night to watch a Ken Burns documentary.

It’s most likely to succeed as best comedy of the year.

– Chandler Levack, Globe and Mail

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