Britt-Marie Was Here

(Britt-Marie Var Här)

Pernilla August shines as a reborn 63-year-old in Tuva Novotny’s warm and touching film adaptation of the best-selling novel by Fredrik Backman (A Man Called Ove).

Poster for the Swedish dramedy Britt-Marie Was HereFor Britt-Marie, it is very important that things are in order, in the cutlery drawer, in the closet, and in her relationship. But when she discovers that her husband of 40 years has been cheating on her, her life is turned upside down. Opting for a totally fresh start, Britt-Marie starts a new life in the small village of Borg, where the youth football team is in dire need of new inspiration.

With warmth and humour, director Tuva Novotny captivatingly tells a story of a person and a community going through incredible transformations. Alongside Pernilla August, who dazzles in the title role, we see Peter Haber, Malin Levanon, Anders Mossling and Stella Oyoko Bengtsson in memorable supporting roles.

– Jonas Holmberg, Göteborg Film Festival

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