Part of the Festival Of New Spanish Cinema, presented in partnership with the Embassy of Spain in Canada and Pragda.

Poster art for CastingA fresh take on the ‘boy meets girl’ plot, Casting follows a young actor named Javi, who was so disheartened at his first audition that the last thing he wants is to go to another one. But he can’t miss this one; his girlfriend and the rent demand it.

What he doesn’t know is that there he will meet Esther, an actress with whom he will spend several hours. While they wait for their auditions, they go through an emotional journey full of flirting, bonding, hope and disappointment that will help him find himself.

Shot on a budget of only 20 000€, Casting is one of the best examples of a new low-budget style being used by young filmmakers in Spain.

Winner of Best Supporting Actor and Best Supporting Actress (for the ensemble) at the Malaga Film Festival.

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