Chef Flynn

In the involving and mouthwatering Chef Flynn, director Cameron Yates follows the budding career of Flynn McGarry, the California wunderkind who was creating hot-ticket tasting menu dinners at 12 and working under some of the world’s most celebrated chefs at 13. The Food Network crowd will go nuts for this film, but beyond the shots of luscious dishes, there’s a pretty interesting character study as well.

Poster for the gastro doc Chef FlynnAfter Flynn’s parents divorced, he got tired of the lack of variety in his mother Meg’s cooking and decided to do something about it. He watched a lot of foodie tv, bought ambitious cookbooks, and soon was playing around with recipes. Meg, an aspiring filmmaker eager to nurture creativity in her son, let him turn his bedroom into a test kitchen full of pro-grade equipment and helped organize dinner parties that quickly expanded beyond family friends. And she took home movies of the project, allowing us to watch the boy from prepubescence to near-adult kitchen mastery.

The dramatic heart of the film chronicles the debut of his NYC pop-up, where he clearly hasn’t had enough time to settle in. Things go wrong, for what seems to be the first time in his cooking career. We see stress we haven’t seen before as he tries to train a staff of strangers. And as the clock ticks toward the first seating, his fennel disappears.   

– John DeFore, The Hollywood Reporter

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