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Movies planned for December 26th to 31st may be re-scheduled (see details here).
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CKCU 35th Anniversary Short Film Show and Auction!

Locally made short films! Live auction with celebrity host!

CKCU=FM 35th Anniversary logoCKCU has been bringing eclectic and eccentric programming to Ottawa radios for 35 years. To celebrate, we’re hosting an eccentric and eclectic fundraising event – and it’s FREE!
A FREE fundraiser? Well, sort of.
The event will be a mix of live auction (a silent auction just doesn’t seem right for a radio station!) and screenings of short movies.
To make money, we’ll have celebrity auctioneers and CKCU alumni selling some pretty cool stuff (see partial list below). And to keep you entertained between auction items, we’ll show some locally made short movies that will express in visual terms the independent and alternative nature of CKCU’s audio programming philosophy.
If you buy something at the auction, great. CKCU gets the money. If not, enjoy the movies for FREE – but feel ‘free’ to stop by the CKCU donation box on your way out the door.
The Films
A Pause For Station Identification (Mark Tollefson & Mike Houston, 1985, 8 min. excerpt)
Archival documentary on CKCU-FM
All For The Best (Daniel Bergamini, 2010, 2 min.)
A film about not making a film.
Kite (Dillinger Calagoure, 2010, 2 min., b&w silent)
A young woman’s kite gets stuck in a tree.
Still (Adam Langlois & Jessica W., 2010, 12 min.)
A disillusioned call centre worker takes time to dream.
The Curiosity Of Penny Parker (Ryan Hanson, 2009, 5 min.)
A child tries to get the attention of her Type-A mom.
Luke’s Kitchen (Adam Bentley, 2009, 13 min.)
Documentary on a remarkable culinary prodigy.
Nosferatu On An Off Day (Deniz Berkin, 2010, 3 min., b&w silent)
An experimental vampire tale.
Boxed In (Grant Harding, 2010, 2 min.)
A puppet is trapped in a featureless box.
The Message (Glen W. Russell, 2010, 14 min.)
An audio specialist decodes a mysterious message.
Ni là ni ailleurs (Sean Dwyer, 2010, 7 min.)
Animated tale based on a famous Shakespeare scene.
Spacegold (Matt Miwa, 2010, 17 min.)
A sci-fi B-movie parody rooted in low-brow kitsch.
The Auction Sale
Sponsors, donors, friends and others have given us some great -- and unique – items to be auctioned off by Adrian Harewood on Nov. 4th. Among many other things, you can bid on:
  • A chance to be a Guest Host/Deejay on one of CKCU's music programmes (makes a great gift for a music fan!)
  • Gift Certificates for massage, a spa day or personal coaching at Rossana Rebeccani Massage, Holtz Spa and Rendez-Vous Rupert
  • Movie memorabilia, including lobby standees for "Twilight" movies and an oversized posters/banners
  • A five-book library selected by Singing Pebble Books owner, based on your own individual reading habits and tastes!
  • Studio time for a recording session at CKCU with a technician (a super opportunity for a musician or band)
  • Authentic film reels to decorate your home theatre
  • Gold Pass for one year of free admission (for two) to ALL ByTowne movies!
  • One-of-a-kind Stephen Harper "swingin' on a star" birdhouse. Yes, a birdhouse.
  • Tuition for your child to attend one of CKCU's week-long Radio Camp sessions

...and much more! 

Happy Birthday to the mighty 93!

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