Cloud Atlas

Everything is connected.

Poster art for Cloud AtlasCloud Atlas is the definition of epic. In the beginning, we see Timothy Cavendish (Jim Broadbent) at a typewriter, narrating his work saying, ‘I know that you’re tired of flashbacks and flash forwards. However…’ in a playfully pleasant way of apologizing for its misgivings. Then, the sprawling, era and personality-jumping film opens up to grow into something massive and wonderful. Don’t worry about the flashbacks, Mr. Cavendish.

It’s easy when watching Cloud Atlas to become too involved with the details to recognize the overall point. Each of the individual stories are all so enthralling that by the time we cutaway to another that we’re pining for more with the story we just left. Seeing each of the main actors -- Tom Hanks, Halle Berry, Keith David, Hugh Grant, Hugo Weaving and Doona Bae -- appear in different roles throughout time gives this cyclical feel to the film which aids its thematic core: Regardless of what impediments stand in the way of righteousness, human nature will always strive towards love, happiness and togetherness.

– Andrew Robinson, Film School Rejects

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