Dark Waters

The truth has a man on the inside

In Dark Waters, a stark whistleblower drama by Todd Haynes (Carol, Far From Heaven), Mark Ruffalo plays Robert Bilott, a Cincinnati lawyer who defends chemical companies, including DuPont. Then he meets Wilbur Tennant (the excellent Bill Camp), a West Virginia farmer who has lost nearly 200 cows because of chemicals dumped by Dupont into the water supply.

Poster for the whistleblower drama Dark WatersBilott is faced with a crisis of conscience and decides to take on DuPont. It doesn’t win him any fans in the West Virginia city where DuPont is the biggest employer, or at home, where his wife, Sarah (Anne Hathaway) is stuck raising the kids while he pores through tens of thousands of documents. 

Dark Waters is a David and Goliath story with a central figure who knows what’s right and keeps chipping away until he gets to the truth. He’s not driven by money or ego but by a sense of justice, which is the same force guiding Dark Waters.

– Adam Graham, The Detroit News

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