There's nothing to lose when you've already lost everything.

Boundless remorse and an unslakable thirst for vengeance. These are the two primal forces driving police officer Erin Bell, twin engines that have left her a shell of a woman.

Poster for the Nicole Kidman crime thriller DestroyerThe film opens with Bell (a nearly unrecognizable Nicole Kidman) attending a crime scene. The victim’s body and a dye-stained $100 bill take Bell back to a tragic episode from her past while reigniting a lust for retribution against an old adversary. Bell sets out on a relentless campaign to track down those who can bring her face to face with Silas, a nearly messianic bank robber who stole everything from her when a heist went bad many years earlier.

It is an astonishing and haunting performance by Nicole Kidman, transforming Destroyer into a searing and compelling film noir masterpiece.

– Bruce Mara, Toronto Star

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