A fantastical look at a disgraced soccer superstar's quest to be a different kind of genius

Gabriel Abrantes and Daniel Schmidt’s fantastical WTF-inducing feature opens on Portuguese soccer star Diamantino Matamouros (Carloto Cotta) in the middle of a World Cup match, all the nation’s eyes on the Ronaldo-esque hunk. But then a bunch of giant puppies appear to the title character in a dreamy haze, his evil twin sisters start to conspire against him, a genetic engineer starts messing around with clownfish DNA, a pair of lesbian-lover cops hatch a plan involving a nun’s habit and offshore bank accounts, and it all starts to make a perfect sort of nonsense/sense.

Part political satire, part fantasy, part I-don’t-even-know-what, Diamantino is exactly the type of surreal concoction that begs to be discovered by unsuspecting audiences. The fact that it includes one of the best punchlines involving the word ‘Canada’ in recent memory is simply a delightful bonus.

– Barry Hertz, The Globe And Mail

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