German Language Film Festival – Die letzte Pointe

(Finishing Touch)

Switzerland's selection for our German Language FIlm Festival!

Poster for the Swiss senior-citizen dramedy Die letzte PointeAt 89 years of age, Gertrud is enviably vital and independent. Her greatest fear is ending her life suffering from dementia and confined to a long-term care home. She’s therefore shocked when George, an elegant Englishman, turns up one day and claims that she wrote to him via a dating site. Gertrud is unable to recall doing any such thing, so she’s certain that she’s slowly losing control of her faculties.

Gertrud decides that all she wants is a socially acceptable end – before she ends up in a clinic. But neither the hospice carer nor the family nor her new admirer George are willing to carry out her wish. This heart-warming and charming film broaches the question of when it really is time to go.

– Zurich Film Festival

Logo for the German Language Film FestivalPart of the 2019 German Language Film Festival,
which includes films from
Switzerland, Austria and Germany.
For details of all three films in the series,
download this pdf.

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