Downton Abbey

We've been expecting you...

King George V is coming to Downton Abbey for a visit, setting all in a spin; nothing less than the manor’s reputation is at stake.

Poster for the film version of the tv sensation Downton AbbeyDownton Abbey is a big old comfort blanket of a movie. This is a film that knows what its core audience wants and provides it in spades. Everyone in the cast gets their moment to shine, while Maggie Smith’s acid-tongued Dowager Countess gets about 17 of them. Her snarky asides and catty rivalry with Imelda Staunton’s similarly formidable aristocrat are a highlight of this big-screen adapation.

Downton Abbey is not kicking over any antique tables, despite a nod to society’s changing sexual mores in the storyline of gay butler Barrow. Everyone knows their place in this world, and no one seems in a particular hurry to leave it. Fans will understand that feeling.

– Phil de Semlyen, Time Out


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