Dr. Strangelove

or, How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love The Bomb

Must-See Cinema! The great Peter Sellers in three roles!

Poster art for Dr. StrangeloveNothing would seem to be farther apart than nuclear war and comedy, yet Kubrick's caper eloquently tackles the subject with a light touch. It all begins when a Strategic Air Command General orders bomb-carrying planes to attack the Soviet Union. From here on, it's a hectic, exciting series of events, alternating between the General who has started it all, the planes en route to the U.S.S.R., and the Pentagon's war room, where the President is trying his best to head off nuclear war.

Peter Sellers is excellent, essaying a trio of role – a British RAF captain assigned to the U.S. base where it all begins, the President, and Dr. Strangelove, a German scientist aiding the U.S. whose Nazi mannerisms overcome him. George C Scott, as the fiery Pentagon general who seizes on the crisis as means to argue for total annhilation of the Soviets, offers a top performance, displaying a fine comic touch.

Dr. Strangelove is imaginative and offbeast, with biting, piercing dialogue and thorough characterizations.

– Variety Movie Guide

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