Easy Land

Part of the Stars of the Canadian Cinema Scene!

Focusing on a sliver of time in the fraught relationship between a Serbian refugee mother (Mirjana Jokovic) and her teenaged daughter (Nina Kiri) as they navigate life in Toronto, Sanja Zivkovic’s directorial debut is obsessed with the weight of isolation: societal, cultural, professional, romantic and familial.

The pair fight constantly, neither are prepared to reconcile with their traumatic pasts, and their new-ish home seems intent on thwarting even the smallest of victories. Yet the film is not nearly as depressing as the material might suggest, and it frequently touches greatness.

Zivkovic, working with a micro-budget, expertly captures a Toronto that feels cold and cruel, and possesses a wonderful eye for the small details of a home that has lost all, or never had any, love. Jokovic is fantastic as a single mother who gets caught in her own emotional traps, while Kiri (no stranger to on-screen anguish, thanks to her work on ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’) excels in scenes where other performers might so haplessly flail.

– Barry Hertz, The Globe And Mail

Part of the Stars Of Canadian Cinema series, which features six new Canadian films during the week of March 20 to 26.
For details of all six films in the series, download this pdf.

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