El Último Traje

(The Last Suit)

Poster for the Argentinian drama El Ultimo traje (The Last Suit)Cranky, crafty, and always immaculately dressed, aged master tailor Abraham Bursztein (Miguel Ángel Solá) finds himself facing his winter years in a retirement home after his children have sold his house out from under him. Not one to go quietly and feeling the pressure of a secret lifelong debt bearing down on him, Abraham unexpectedly sets out from Buenos Aires. His destination? Poland – a country whose name he refuses to utter – in order to deliver a suit to childhood friend Piotrek, who once saved Abraham’s life during the waning days of the Nazi occupation.

From an unexpected setback in Madrid, where he make a connection with hotel owner/torch singer Maria (Ángela Molina), to the train station in Paris where he faces the reality of having to travel through Germany, a land he swore never to set foot in, Abraham slowly comes to an emotional reckoning with his past in this funny and deeply tender film.

– Seattle International Film Festival

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