Everyone Says I Love You

Must-See Cinema! Woody’s FIRST trip to Paris!

Oh, the joys of Woody Allen’s Everyone Says I Love You, a magical film that celebrates music, family and romance, all decked out on the sparkling streets of New York, Venice and Paris, which are probably the best cities in the world in which to fall in love with movies all over again.
Everyone Says I Love You is a musical like no other. The large cast of non-singing and non-dancing actors all sing and dance, breaking into out-and-out choreography in mid-scene just like the old movie musicals, except that this being a Woody Allen film, they’re liable to be in a funeral parlour at the time.
Mostly, though, they’re in large, but cozy, New York apartments or in Paris lofts with a view across the rooftops of the Left Bank. There’s a lightness of spirit in this that lifts the heart; Allen’s taste in music has always been superb, and the songs in Everyone Says I Love You are all standards that evoke a wondrous nostalgia. 
The film is also something of a love letter to the three cities in which it is set. Allen is the most romantic of filmmakers and he has expanded his horizons beyond Manhattan to embrace the world in this old-fashioned fantasy. It takes place around an upper middle-class family of New Yorkers – not the dysfunctional group of so many films, but a fully functional family that includes father Alan Alda, mother Goldie Hawn, her ex-husband Allen, and their blended children and their beaux.
There’s not much of a storyline, except that it takes place over a year and involves the affairs, breakups and reunions of various couples. Daughter Drew Barrymore is engaged to young lawyer Edward Norton; Natasha Lyonne, the narrator, finds herself a series of boyfriends; psychiatric patient Julia Roberts becomes involved with Allen after he becomes privy to the secrets she has told her analyst and is able to turn himself into her dream date.
But this is not a Woody Allen movie in that sense. Allen plays the Allen character, linking himself to a beautiful woman and agonizing over lost loves, but he’s only a small part of the ensemble. Everyone Says I Love You is really a movie musical about the joy of the genre. From the opening scene, when Norton croons 'Just You, Just Me' to Drew Barrymore in his self-deprecating tenor, you know you’re in for something special.
– Jay Stone, The Ottawa Citizen

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