Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Sex* (*But Were Afraid To Ask)

Must-See Cinema! A comedy classic from the era of the sexual revolution!

Original poster for Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Sex*Seven sketches parodying a sex manual, in which Allen – before trying to change his name to Fellini-Bergman – strung together ‘every funny idea I’ve ever had about sex, including several that led to my own divorce’.

There’s some dross, but the parodies of Antonioni (all about angst and alienation of a wife who can achieve orgasm only in public places) and of TV panel games (‘What’s My Perversion?’) are brilliantly accurate and very funny.

Best of all is the sci-fi parody entitled ‘What Happens During Ejaculation?’, which has the miniaturised scientists of Fantastic Voyage inside a life-sized male robot, busily checking data and providing the necessary bodily reactions by hand-turned winch as the robot wines, dines and seduces a real-life woman. Allen achieves his finest hour here, dressed as one of the sperm, poised anxiously with parachute by the escape hatch and crying ‘Gung ho!’ as he jumps, ‘We’re gonna make babies!’

– Jo Creed-Miles, Time Out Film Guide

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