Eye In The Sky

Welcome to the new front line.

Poster image for Eye In The SkyThis riveting drone thriller is contemporary edge-of-your seat stuff, propelled by a crack cast led by Helen Mirren as single-minded British Col. Katherine Powell.

Powell’s determined to finally nab the radicalized Englishwoman she’s been tailing for six years, now located in a house in Kenya. The capture plan escalates to a kill mission when evidence of a suicide plot surfaces.

When a young girl sets up a table to sell bread outside the house, words like ‘collateral damage’ have chilling meaning, especially to Aaron Paul’s drone pilot, awaiting orders in a room at a Nevada airbase. Powell tries to convince skittish higher-ups (including Alan Rickman in his final onscreen role) to ‘put a Hellfire through that roof right now’ in a series of leapfrogging buck-passing exchanges as everyone ‘refers up’ while the clock runs down.

– Linda Barnard, The Toronto Star

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