Eye On Juliet

A Love story told through the eyes of a drone

Academy Award–nominated filmmaker Kim Nguyen (War Witch, Two Lovers And A Bear) returns with Eye On Juliet, a distinctive romance set in a time of surveillance, terrorism, and prejudice. Detroit-based Gord (Joe Cole) works for a surveillance company that monitors a pipeline halfway around the world in Northern Africa, using spider-like robots.

Poster for the long-distance romance Eye On JulietOne night, lonely and depressed following a brutal split with his girlfriend, Gord notices a young woman, Ayusha (Lina El Arabi), sitting alone in the dunes waiting to meet her lover. Entranced by their devotion and his sudden access to a foreign land (he’s never left Michigan, not even to go to Windsor), Gord begins following them out of curiosity, boredom, and a forlorn attempt to recover his faith in a better future.

Gord is the only one who seems to take his job seriously, at least initially. His supervisor naps much of the time and expects Gord to cover for him – which just fans Gord’s new obsession. By comparison, the boss of their unit is upset that Gord isn’t constantly stoking fears of terrorism, concerned that their client might cancel if there’s no evidence of real threat. At the film’s heart is the unusual bond between Gord and Ayusha, one that transcends the characters’ limited experience of the world outside their immediate borders, pointing out that geography is a lesser barrier than fear, isolation, and bigotry.

– Steve Gravestock, Toronto International Film Festival

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