Fahrenheit 11/9

Tyrant. Liar. Racist. A Hole in One.

In Fahrenheit 11/9, filmmaker Michael Moore looks at the night of the 2016 presidential election -- when Donald Trump defied many people’s expectations and beat Hillary Clinton -- and asks, "How did this happen?" Moore presents what he argues are Trump’s various crimes and manipulations, noting that they’ve always been committed in plain sight and that his followers don’t care. Moore also explores a situation involving Trump’s friend, Michigan governor Rick Snyder, who tried to profit by switching the water supply for the residents of Flint, Michigan, to poisonous river water – and got away with it.

Poster for Michael Moore's investigative doc Fahrenheit 11/9Moore identifies parallels between the rise of Adolf Hitler in 1930s Germany and the current situation in the United States. He also follows young, outspoken activists who desperately want changes in gun violence, health care, and other hot issues. But he leaves us with a warning: We aren’t as safe as we might think.

– Common Sense Media


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