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2017 Oscar Nominee – Best Animated Feature

Based on the 1936 children’s book The Story Of Ferdinand, this charming tale about a lover-not-a-fighter bull is surprisingly relevant for a vintage property. Ferdinand (voiced by John Cena) is a gentle giant bullied by his peers. They tell him, in not so friendly ways, that fighting is expected of him, and that his habit of admiring and sniffing flowers is suspect.

Poster for the animated family film FerdinandWhen Ferdinand finally escapes the bare, brutal farm on which he was raised and gallops up a green hill strewn with flowers, we see that he’s found a place where he can be himself, accepted and appreciated just as he is.

A trio of wisecracking hedgehogs keeps Ferdinand on his toes, and Ferdinand’s ‘calming goat’, Lupe (Kate McKinnon), is a lovable goofball in the Dory tradition. The serious message this movie sends is a great one for our times, or any times. ‘It looks like weird is the new normal,’ observes one character – and if that’s not true, it ought to be.

– Common Sense Media

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