Generation Wealth

The American dream just keeps getting more expensive.

“I loooove money” are among the first words we hear in Generation Wealth, Lauren Greenfield’s compendium of capitalist excesses and toxic materialism. They’re spoken by former hedge fund manager Florian Homm, a louche and rueful mansplainer of the collapse of American fiscal responsibility.

Poster for the going-to-hell-in-a-hand-basket doc Generation WealthLust for wealth followed by regretful mea culpas (genuine or otherwise) is a pattern in this emotionally complicated documentary. For 25 years, Ms. Greenfield (Queen Of Versailles) has been observing the rituals and addictions of the privileged. Generation Wealth revisits some of those subjects – a  billionaire couple; a Las Vegas über-hostess; a fragile-looking adult film star – to see how they’ve fared. Not well, by and large: many seem damaged and drained, sad victims of an obsession that neither our society nor this movie has a cure for.

– Jeannette Catsoulis, The New York Times


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