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February 26 to March 7

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German Language Film Festival – 3 Tage in Quiberon

(3 Days In Quiberon)

German Language FIlm Festival selection from Austria!

Poster for the Austrian film 3 Days In QuiberonIn 1982, at the Britanny seaside resort of Quiberon, one of Europe’s most famous stars attempts to detoxify. At 42, Romy Schneider’s career is on the wane. It soon becomes clear that the garrulous diva (Marie Bäumer, a dead ringer for Schneider) is battling demons of all kinds and desperately missing her two children.

The focus here is a two-day interview with a Stern magazine journalist who attempts to get her to open up about the death of her first husband, and her tortured relationship with her mother.

This bittersweet drama benefits from the glorious setting of a modernist beachside hotel, and is anchored by four thoughtful performances, particularly from Bäumer.

– Meredith Taylor, Filmuforia

Logo for the German Language Film FestivalPart of the 2019 German Language Film Festival,
which includes films from Switzerland, Austria and Germany.
For details of all three films in the series,
download this pdf.

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