German Language Film Festival – Styx

German Language FIlm Festival selection from Germany!

Poster for the refugee-crisis drama StyxIn Wolfgang Fischer’s Styx, emergency room doctor Rike (Susanne Wolff) embarks on a solo sailing trip to Ascension Island in the Atlantic Ocean. When she comes across a sinking ship of African refugees and radios to the authorities, she is told not to get involved. Rike is quickly torn out of her contented and idealized world and must make a momentous, and potentially dangerous, decision.

Aptly named after the mythological river that separates the living from the dead, Styx is an astute modern-day parable of Western indifference in the face of marginalized suffering. On screen for practically the entire film, Wolff is remarkable in a riveting role as a woman pushed to her physical, psychological, and moral limits.

– Film Movement


Logo for the German Language Film FestivalPart of the 2019 German Language Film Festival,
which includes films from Switzerland, Austria and Germany.
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