Goals For Girls: A Story Of Women With Balls

(Mujeres con pelotas)

Presented as a fundraiser for the One World Film Festival. All seats $10.

Everyone knows soccer is Argentina’s de facto national sport. Something not many people know, however, is that women’s soccer is on the rise in Argentina, even if it doesn’t have the development and support that the men’s game has. While there’s no female pro league, there are fervent amateur players who take it very seriously, to the point of defying a chauvinistic society that often places women in more traditional, domestic roles.

Poster art for Goals For GirlsGoals for Girls: A Story Of Women With Balls focuses on a group of girls from Villa 31 – a slum located right next to one of the city’s most affluent areas – that strives to form their own team. The road is littered with obstacles: the boys won’t let them use the field they claim is theirs; their families oppose their playing because they consider soccer a male sport; and they have no resources to cover even the most basic expenses. Despite all this, the girls from Villa 31 struggle valiantly to fulfill their dream: to take part in the Homeless World Cup in Brazil.

Goals For Girls is a skillfully shot documentary that scores big time when it comes to addressing a theme that could use more exposure. The filmmakers intertwine diverse testimonials from players, coaches, relatives and friends, and in so doing paint a multifaceted picture of the world of women’s soccer. Interviewees talk candidly and firmly defend their points of view. It seems nobody stakes out the middle ground here: you either strongly embrace or totally despise the idea of women playing soccer. After watching Mujeres con pelotas, you’ll realize that these women really do have the balls to fight for something that is rightfully theirs.

– Pablo Suarez, Buenos Aires Herald

Presented as a fundraiser for the One World Film Festival. A panel discussion on supporting women's success in sports will follow the film. The discussion will feature Dina Bell-Laroche, Partner for the Sport Law & Strategy Group and Associate Certified Coach with the International Coaching Federation, and Sara Nicholls, Deputy Director, Health and Nutrition Bureau, Department of Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development. All seats $10.

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