Green Book

Winner of three Academy Awards, including Best Picture!

Poster for the Best Picture nominee Green BookIt’s 1962 when unrefined ex-bouncer Tony (Viggo Mortensen) is hired as a driver to the ultra-refined Don Shirley (Mahershala Ali), one of the US’s foremost classical pianists. Shirley is determined to do a tour of the racially segregated Deep South, so his record company sends him off armed with Tony’s muscle power and the titular Green Book, a mid-century guide to the only motels and restaurants that would accept African-Americans.

There are a few hokey moments as the two men learn life lessons from each other but the acting is a joy, both co-stars coaxing complexities from their characters. This compelling journey, based on real events, has raised controversies but it’s a remarkable, funny and heartwarming story of an extraordinary friendship.

– Larushka Ivan-zadeh, Metro U.K.

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