Happy 140

(Felices 140)

Part of the Spanish Film Festival 2016, presented by the Embassy of Spain!

Poster art for Spanish release of Felices 140 (Happy 140)Happy 140 is a blackly comic melodrama about the winner of a 140 million Euro lottery and the frenemies she invites to a luxurious Canary Islands hideaway, where she plans to divulge her happy news.

To mark her 40th birthday, Elia (Maribel Verdú) cajoles her old gang to get together, at her expense. The guests include her docile sister Cati with her abusive husband Juan; restaurant owner Ramón, who has always had a soft spot for Elia, much to the disgust of his pregnant wife Martina; high-flying businessman Polo; Mario, Elia’s ex-boyfriend, for whom she still carries a torch; and, unexpectedly, Mario’s new flame, an insufferable pop star.

Elia stuns them all with news of her lottery win. While in public they profess their happiness for her, in private the knives come out. The question of how far a person is willing to go for a multi-million Euro payout is Chabrol or Hitchcock territory, but happily, it’s played for laughs here, with the cast of well-known Spanish actors delivering the goods.

– Alissa Simon, Variety

Download a .pdf description of all four films in the 2016 Spanish Film Festival.

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