German Language Festival - Hedi Schneider Is Stuck

(Hedi Schneider Steckt Fest)

German Language Film Festival selection from Germany!

Poster image for Hedi Schneider Steckt Fest (Hedi Schneider Is Stuck)Hedi Schneider approaches almost every difficult or uncomfortable situation in life with a similar breezy, albeit slightly kooky, optimism. Her colleagues at the travel agency where she works are perhaps less appreciative of her quirky off-kilter sense of humor than Uli, her affectionate husband. Together with their young son, Hedi and Uli dream of traveling to exotic lands. They may even move to Gambia where Uli has been offered a job.

But then out of the blue things shift dramatically for the family. While playfully frolicking with Uli one evening, Hedi has a panic attack, the beginning a psychological spiralling into a state of clinical depression.

Rather than trying to pinpoint the source of her illness, doctors put Hedi on a course of antidepressants and emergency tranquilizers, to detrimental effect; Hedi’s oddball perkiness becomes clouded over with moody irritability as she becomes hooked on her medication. Emotionally and mentally stuck, yet terrified her stasis will cause her to lose her family, Hedi struggles to break her drug dependence and to find her way back to normality. Deftly balancing the comedic and the dramatic, Hedi Schneider Is Stuck is a touching yet painfully funny glimpse into the loneliness of depression.

– Kino Festival NYC

Logo for German Language Film FestivalPresented by the Embassies of Germany, Austria, and Switzerland in Ottawa as part of the German Language FilmFest.

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