Hello, My Name Is Doris

On paper, the premise of Hello, My Name Is Doris sounds like something out of a Lifetime Channel movie (‘a sweet, naive, sheltered old lady harbours a devastating crush on a much younger man’), but thanks to a confident directorial touch from Michael Showalter and a beautiful screenplay, the end result is a light and touching piece of character-based comedy that showcases the most endearing Sally Field performance in quite some time.

Poster artwork for the movie Hello, My Name Is DorisAlthough the film occasionally wrings a few chuckles out of our lead character’s insecurities and social awkwardness, the old gal is never ridiculed, nor is her golden-years search for ‘forbidden’ love ever mocked for easy or cruel giggles. While she is a bit awkward and lacking in social skills, Doris is also a rather sharp and resourceful woman.

Backed by a capable supporting cast and a wonderfully on-point Tyne Daly as Doris’s straight-talking, no-bullshit confidante, Hello, My Name Is Doris looks (and often feels) like a good-natured, insightful ensemble piece, but in truth it’s Sally Field’s show from stem to stern. Not only does she bring out the best in her co-stars, but clearly she’s still got the skills required to steal an entire movie through sheer force of good humour, good timing, and plain old natural sweetness.

– Scott Weinberg,

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