Inspired by a true story

Based on a New York Magazine story about how the Great Recession inspired a pair of entrepreneurial dances to ruthlessly steal back the money that Wall Street plundered from the 99 percent, Lorene Scafaria's Hustlers looks fondly to the mid-2000s, when stripping, at least for our protagnoists, was absurdly lucrative and not-a-little glamorous.

Poster for the dancer-scam movie HustlersThe post-2008 ploy that Romona (Jennifer Lopez) and Destiny (Constance Wu) hatch – to spike customers' drinks with a drug cocktail that would leave them incapacitated and their credit cards available to max out – was, just like that other economy, never built to last.

Lopez and Wu suffuse their scenes with girlish glee as they forge a connection that ultimately underscores their womanly and maternal complexities. An immediate entrant into the pantheon of female friendship movies, Hustlers – a pretty much perfect film – makes plain the hollowness of so many other iterations of girl power in studio projects. You can feel its heart beat.

– Inkoo Kang, Slate

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