Must-See Cinema! Jim Henson's puppets meet David Bowie's haircut!

Poster art for LabyrinthMonty Python’s Terry Jones helped script this fairy tale fantasy in which a teenaged Jennifer Connelly must negotiate the myriad dangers of a mazy goblin city and cross the Bog of Eternal Stench to reclaim her baby brother from the talons of the Goblin King (David Bowie).

The narrative is an enthusiastic assemblage of elements from the likes of Maurice Sendak and Frank L. Baum, and the team at Henson’s Creature Shop were on hand to provide the necessary, and rather impressive supporting cast of assorted gnomes and pixies. Although the film’s initial energy and engaging finale are rather muffled by a mid-section that spends too much time idling in neutral, you can at least wonder at David Bowie’s worst ever haircut (no mean achievement) and bask in the pleasurable sight of an ill-tempered gnome scornfully squishing sweet little fairy creatures underfoot.

– Trevor Johnston, Time Out Film Guide

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